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Eirik Bjorkman LMT is our newest team member at Capital District Massage, in Albany, NY. His gentle pressure is sure to ease away your stress and tension. In addition to relaxing Swedish massage, Eirik has experience treating muscular imbalances related to shoulder and knee replacements, frozen shoulder, and whiplash. His therapeutic approach to treating the whole body uses gentle techniques such as stretching, acupressure, myo-facial release, Reiki, Cranio-sacral therapy, Swedish massage, and Shiatsu. Eirik Bjorkman graduated from the Center for Natural Wellness in Albany, NY, with over 1000 hours of professional training and 62 hours of supervised clinic from some of the Capital District’s most progressive massage therapy teachers, who place great emphasis on both the medical and energetic massage modalities. Eirik is certified level 2 in Reiki. Eirik is a great choice as a therapeutic massage therapist in Albany for anyone who wants to experience the health benefits of medical massage with healing reiki energy work mixed together.

Kristina Locci LMT is a friendly and energetic massage therapist specializing in sports, deep tissue, and medical massage with a focus on the hips, groin, glutes, legs and upper back, neck and shoulder muscles.  She graduated from the Mildred Elly School of Massage, Albany, NY in 2010. She understands the pain that many clients experience on a daily basis and uses her skill and compassion as a massage therapist to help ease the pain. She has a strong, reassuring presence and good firm pressure. If you feel like chatting during your massage, you will love talking to Kristina. Or you can fall asleep to the rhythmic kneading and full body strokes while relaxing music plays on Bose speakers. It might be hard to fall asleep though because she always has a way of cracking jokes and making her clients laugh. A therapeutic massage by Kristina will rejuvenate your body and lift your spirits.

Lena Crane LMT uses a range of light touch and deep pressure to relax her clients and untangle knots and release tight muscles. One of her favorite parts of the body to work on are the hips and gluteal muscles. “Most people have tight hips from standing, sitting, and driving on an everyday basis.” She also loves to do abdominal massage, neck massage, back, and leg massage. “Giving and receiving massage is ultimately about being aware of what you feel. Once you develop awareness the possibilities are truly endless.”

12 comments on “Massage Therapist Profiles
  1. L.J SMITH says:

    i wanted to make a massage appointment. would i be able to get a massage being draped by a towel insted of a sheet?i get over heated under a sheet

  2. Shannon says:

    I fly into Albany tomorrow are you close to the airport? I am not familiar with Albany, Also I love massages but do not liked to be draped I enjoy the freedom of the massage can this happen?

    • LenaC says:

      We are about 10 miles or 20 minutes from the airport. Draping is required during the massage, however, you may opt for a pillow case or towel instead of a full sheet.

  3. Casper says:

    Thanks for getting me in the same day. Feels like a million bucks this morning. No headache, aches or pain. See you soon.

  4. brent says:

    Hi Lena
    Do you take groupon?

    • LenaC says:

      Hi Brent, we don’t have any current Groupon promotions. We can redeem expired Groupon and Living Social vouchers for their paid value. Thanks

  5. Shawn O'Connor says:

    Last night I had the most amazing massage from Lena…it was fantastic. So much so, that I am going to go ahead and book another appointment for a couple weeks from now. I may splurge and go for the 4 handed…sounds like heaven!!!

  6. Shawn O'Connor says:

    Well after seeing Lena the first time, I decided to try the 4-Handed massage. I think it may have ruined standard massages for me…it was fantastic!!! Lena has a smooth relaxing stroke while Kristina had a deeper penetrating stroke where she used a lot of her elbows. The combination of the two was amazing. I just booked another appointment with Lena for next week…we’ll see if the standard massage holds up for me. I finally think I have found my favorite massage therapists. I would get a massage here every day if I had the time and money…so I guess I am glad it is an hour away as that will tone down my apparent addiction. I would be bankrupt in like 6 months if they were closer. Thanks to both of you for a fantastic massage!!!

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