Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage combines Swedish and deep tissue strokes to promote full body relaxation while also targeting any tight or sore areas. Add therapeutic massage to your weekly or monthly self-care routine to relieve stress, decrease pain, boost your immune system, and release feel-good endorphins into your brain.

Therapeutic Massage as Preventative Medicine

Many people use therapeutic massage as part of their holistic healthcare plan. Therapeutic massage can help prevent stress-related diseases. In clients who are at risk of injury caused by repetitive movement, work, poor posture, medical conditions, surgery or structural issues, therapeutic massage can help prevent symptoms from worsening and injuries from happening by releasing tight muscles and increasing joint mobility.

Therapeutic Massage for Pain Relief

Scientific research shows that the human brain senses touch faster than it senses pain. This phenomenon is known as the gate control theory. That’s why a child instinctively grabs his leg after skinning his knee. Touch naturally relieves pain. Therapeutic massage also relieves pain by addressing one of the most common causes of pain: tight muscles. Painful, overworked muscles can be treated with therapeutic massage. Tight muscles which pull the bone structure out of alignment can be treated with therapeutic massage. Finally, muscle groups that are out of balance can be treated by therapeutic massage.

Therapeutic Massage for Relaxation

Therapeutic massage promotes deep relaxation by increasing circulation, releasing muscular tension, and providing you with a quiet time and space for restoration.

Massage Therapy for Sports and Manual Labor

Therapeutic massage speeds up the recovery time of muscles after hard work and athletic activity. Massage naturally flushes out toxins from the tissue, returns fresh nutrients and blood to the tissue, and helps realign muscle fibers. Professional athletes, musicians, and performers all use therapeutic massage to make sure their bodies are in top shape.

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