Health Benefits

Massage Therapy Health Benefits

We use our hands to promote good health by naturally relaxing the mind and body. We look forward to assisting you in reducing stress and living life to the fullest.

Preventative Medicine

Many people use therapeutic bodywork as part of their holistic healthcare plan. It can help prevent stress-related diseases and injuries. Regular massage therapy is recommended for a variety of clients who may suffer pain and tension caused by repetitive movement, active lifestyles, long hours spent driving or working at a desk, poor posture, pregnancy, recovery from accidents and surgeries, headaches, and many more factors. Massage can help prevent symptoms from worsening and injuries from happening by releasing tight muscles and increasing joint mobility. In many cases, surgery can be prevented by treating the muscles surrounding the painful joint, for example in carpel tunnel syndrome. Ask your doctor if massage therapy can be an effective part of your treatment plan.

Pain Relief

Out of balance muscle groups can actually pull your body out of alignment and cause pain. This can be caused by having too tight muscles as well as too loose, or weak muscles. A chiropractor can adjust your neck, but if your muscles are too tight it will pull your neck out of alignment again. A physical therapist can give you exercises to help strengthen muscles, but if you also have tight muscles, strengthening only solves half the problem. Massage helps relieve pain by releasing tight or overworked muscles and bringing the muscle groups back into balance. We recommend getting massages right before going to a chiropractor so the spinal adjustment lasts longer.

Muscle Recovery after Sports and Exercise

Speed up the recovery time of muscles after hard work and athletic activity. Naturally flush out lactic acid from the tissue, return fresh nutrients and blood to the tissue, and help realign muscle fibers. We recommend getting massages at least once a month if you exercise often, play sports, or have a physically demanding job.


Massage helps induce deep relaxation by increasing circulation, releasing muscular tension, and providing you with a quiet time and space for mental and physical restoration. Fitting massages into your busy routine will help relieve stress, decrease pain, boost your immune system, and release feel-good endorphins into your brain. Receiving massage on a regular basis, at least once a month, helps prevent stress related diseases and depression.

Common Sources of Tension

Talk to your massage therapist about where you feel pain or tension in your body. Together you and your therapist will design a treatment plan that you are comfortable with and will help you feel better. Here are just a couple ideas, but you can choose any part of your body for us to spend extra time on.


Back Trigger Points. These are common areas where people develop “knots” or hard spots where muscles get stuck together. By applying pressure and rubbing on these knots, back and neck muscles can be released and therefore pain is reduced.


Piriformis Muscle, common cause of sciatic pain running down the leg. The sciatic nerve can become pinched and irritated by a tight piriformis muscle, located deep in the glutes. Tight piriformis muscle can be due to driving for long periods of time. Massage can help release this muscle and eliminate sciatica symptoms.


Psoas Muscle attaches the upper thigh to the lower back. This muscle helps flex your hip and it also shortened whenever your hips are bent forward. This muscle can get stuck in a shortened position by spending too much time sitting or driving. If it’s stuck, you would feel a strain or stiffness when you stand up. If you have lower back pain, this muscle might be the culprit.


TMJ Refers to the two jaw joints. Almost everyone who has tight neck muscles also has tension in their jaw, usually caused by stress, but sometimes it can be caused by other structural issues. Massaging these tiny jaw muscles can greatly reduce overall tension and create a greater sense of peacefulness.