Kristina’s Reviews

“Kristina has been my only massage therapist for just under three years now. I have neuropathy below the waste from a spinal cord injury and she is keeping me walking! She is very friendly, and changes the massage as needed based on my particular needs and issues that session. We talk throughout the first half of the massage, after which point I am usually zoning out. I see her roughly every two weeks and wish it were more. I recommend her highly, especially if you are willing to invest the money and time for her to really get to know your needs. Once or even twice is not enough to really get a complete benefit from a good therapist. It is absolutely worth it to get a regular therapist, continually tell her/him what you need and you will see a big difference. If you really want and need to feel better, see Kristina at least three to four times and you will see the magic!”
-Tom B on Google

“Wonderful! That was one the best massage I’ve ever had! While I’m unable to get massages regularly, I have had a fair number over the past 15 years from massage therapists all over the country and at an Aveda resort in Fiji. Kristina’s pressure was a gentle firm (I forget exactly how she describes it), which means she worked thoroughly on my knots without it being painful. Because of her firmness, every part of my body felt relaxed afterward. I was pleasantly sore the next day–she clearly made a difference to my tense body! Kristina was also very friendly, open, and honest to ensure I had the best experience possible. This made me feel comfortable telling her what I liked and didn’t. The next opportunity for a massage will be with Kristina!”
-Kelly S on MyTime

“Just came from my first massage with Kristina! All I can say is I WILL BE BACK! It was awesome! Went in with a stiff neck I had for (3) weeks, along with some back pain. Believe it or not, my back pain is gone and my neck is so much better. I can move it now, which I was unable to previous do. She really got in there and worked the muscles. Without hesitation, I definitely recommend her! THANK YOU Kristina!”
-Robin S on Yelp

“Kristina gave a great massage. It’s the best my back has felt in a long time. She was able to concentrate on the areas that needed the most work. Great massage and conversation as well. Can’t wait to go back!”
-Andy J on Yelp

“I’m not a big fan of massages, but the ones I’ve received from Capital District Massage were great. Lena, Kristina and the now-departed Erik were professional and friendly. If you’re like me and don’t just want to lie on the table and be quiet, then Kristina is the one for you. She and I had a number of raucous discussions on a wide variety of subjects during our sessions, at times to the dismay of the neighboring meditation center. Soon that won’t be a problem. Capital District is moving to new digs in January 2016 where it will no longer unnecessarily affect the’ karma of others.”
-JP on Yelp

“Great experience at Capital District Massage. Kristina L had the exact firmness I wanted and her technique was smooth and therapeutic. She talks with her clients to get to know what their objectives are. Perfect!”
-Karen Z on Google

“Had an excellent 90-minute deep tissue massage with Kristine. She was attentive and sensitive to my needs (making sure she knew what they were before she started- very communicative). Looking at returning after my vacation.”
-Richard B on MyTime

“My wife and I have had couple massages here and they have always done a great job. The new location is great and easy to find. Lena and kristina did a great job today with our couples massage and it was nice that they offered aromatherapy with it. We will definitely return and highly recommend them.”
-Joe G on Yelp

“Incredible work on my legs. Kristina uses her own workout experience to hit the spots she knew needed to be worked on me.”
-Ivy E on MyTime

“Kristina was wonderful. My massage felt great. I had never had a 90 minute massage before. Well worth it. She has a bubbly personality that I enjoyed.”
-Bessy V on MyTime

“Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me this afternoon. I appreciate the extra time spent and I’m hoping for some relief. I will definitely come back!”
-Laura Z on MyTime

“Kristina was awesome and so friendly. She used the perfect amount of pressure on spots that were more tender than others. Will definitely be going back to see her again!”
-Jackie G on MyTime

“Kristina was accommodating and qualified-offered a service no one’s offered in a decade! A fantastic appreciated experience :-)”
-Rachel F on MyTime

“Excellent massage. Very professional, Kristina was awesome, amazing and very knowledgeable. Will surely return, best massage I’ve had in the area by far.”
-Dana W on Google

“Great place with a very accommodating staff. If you have special needs they listen closely and address areas of concern. The environment is very peaceful and therapeutic. I feel great after every session.”
-Kevin D on Yelp

“Kristina asked what she should focus on and diligently addressed my concern.”
-Gregory R on MyTime

“Kristina was very professional and accommodating. Great conversation & experience overall!”
-Melissa R on MyTime

“I really felt relaxed during my massage. Kristina used just the right amount of pressure and listened to my preferences.”
-Carol K on Google

“Kristina did an amazing job. I’ve been suffering from a lot of aches and pains and she targeted the areas that needed extra attention! This was a great first experience for getting a massage. Definitely want to come back in the future.”
-Gabrielle W on MyTime

“I had been wanting to get a massage for ages because of an old car accident injury, but could never find the time or the money. Capital District was close, affordable and my therapist almost put me to sleep with how awesome the massage was.”
-Ariana D on MyTime

“Amazing…..Kristina was Perfect, Professional, Knowledgeable & I will definitely come see her again. Thank U”
-Gerry H on Google

“Very relaxing and well worth the money. Kristina definitely knows what she’s doing when it comes to massages!”
-Michael L on Google

“I read some of these reviews and I think Christina was awesome, hit all the spots and I was completely satisfied.”
-Devindra B on Google

“I’ve only had massages performed by Kristina, but I have really enjoyed the experience. She’s laid back yet attentive to your needs . . . its a very relaxing environment.”
-Geoffery F on Yelp

“Kristina was very professional and did a great massage left there feeling great and lasted weeks will be back.”
-Paul R on Yelp

“Kristina has been my massage therapist for several years and she is first rate: fine professional and a fine person. Highly recommended!”
-David G on Yelp

“Kristina was very welcoming. She was excellent. This was a great experience and I look forward to coming back!”
-John U on MyTime

“Kristina was very nice and accommodating. Would recommend her for anyone who is having their first massage.”
-Ezra B on MyTime

“Very relaxing! I was in an alternate reality for at least an hour afterwards. Loved the massage.”
-Howard S

“Had a wonderful experience, massage was excellent and atmosphere and staff was wonderful.”
-Jessica D

“Enjoyed my massage. And definitely recommend Kristina. She gives a very good massage. Expect to return soon for another day of relaxation and feeling good.”
-Pat S on MyTime

“Kristina is very friendly and professional. She has a soothing massage style that makes the massage very relaxing.”
-John D on MyTime

“Kristina was great; very friendly and I had a very relaxing and pleasant experience.”
-Kate G on MyTime

“Kristina did a good job of making me feel comfortable.”
-Steven C on MyTime

“Kristina did a fantastic job, addressing my concerns & needs. Thank you for a great massage.”
-Jim M on MyTime

“Kristina is phenomenal. I am reborn after a session with her.”
-Lara T on MyTime

“Kristina did a great job, was very happy with her. The place was very nice. Easy parking. Needs a railing on stairs for handicapped.”
-Jean K on MyTime (a new railing has been installed since this review.)

“Kristina gave a wonderful massage. She was very professional. Great atmosphere.”
-Monica M on MyTime

“Absolutely great. I feel great, it was lots of fun, Kristina was totally perfect. Loved it.”
-Al L on MyTime

“Great pressure & the 90 minutes were so relaxing.”
-Jody O on MyTime

“Great experience with Kristina. I’ll definitely be back.”
-Danielle S on MyTime

“Kristina was great! It is my second time seeing her and I will definitely be back.”
-Ryan M on MyTime

“Another fantastic appointment with Kristina…I only wish I lived closer so I could enjoy it regularly. Thanks Kristina!!!”
-Shawn O on MyTime

“It was great. I’ll definitely make another appointment. The massage was great. I would recommend it highly. Kristina did a wonderful job.”
-Ellen B on MyTime

“Excellent, as usual. Kristina is the best!”
-Matt C on MyTime

“Very good massage, highly recommend.”
-Tom H on MyTime

“Good relaxing massage.”
-Terese E on MyTime

“WONDERFUL! Wonderful.”
-Anna B on MyTime

“The massage was excellent.”
-Mark G on MyTime

“I did not have a relaxing experience at this establishment. My massage therapist (Kristina L) watched a movie the entire time she was massaging me, and every time I looked up she was looking at the movie rather than focusing. She was rough, did not react to my requests, and was not very helpful at the time. She is a kind girl, but did not focus or do her job well.”
-Erin S on Yelp
Response from the owner:
“Hi Erin, I’m sorry you did not have a relaxing experience. Thank you for your feedback. Kristina watches movies to help her stay awake and alert. The massage room has low lighting and relaxing music to help the client enter a state of deep relaxation. For Kristina, it was hard for her to stay focused in such a relaxing environment for a 10 hour shift. So she started watching videos on her tablet (with the Bluetooth so clients wouldn’t hear it) to keep her mind occupied while her hands do all the work. I realize that Kristina’s style is not for everyone, but she has several regulars who love her and do not mind or do not even notice the movies.”

Last updated March 27, 2017