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Kristina is a friendly and energetic massage therapist who often uses her forearms for long sweeping strokes. If her client complains of knots, she gets into the specific muscles with her strong hands to provide sweet relief.

Kristina understands the pain that many clients experience on a daily basis and uses her skill and compassion as a massage therapist to help ease the pain. Before becoming a massage therapist, Kristina worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant and considered studying to become a Registered Nurse. However, she was more interested in natural health and alternative medicine. Now she loves being able to help people feel better naturally.

Kristina has a loyal customer base who enjoy the camaraderie and casual atmosphere she provides. Kristina will make you feel more like you’re at home than at a fancy spa. If you feel like chatting during your massage, you will love talking to Kristina. Or you can quietly enjoy your massage and drift off into la-la land while soft music plays in the background. Either way, a therapeutic massage by Kristina will rejuvenate your body and lift your spirits.

Kristina graduated from the Mildred Elly School of Massage in 2011. In 2015, she completed continuing education courses for medical hip and thigh massage, orthopedic techniques for the cervical neck, and Thai massage for the table.

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Lena’s flowing massage style makes for a therapeutic and deeply relaxing session. Her inspiration to become a body-worker came from years of receiving massage therapy to help with stress and back/neck pain. Ever since childhood, Lena has been addicted to massage! Now she is happy to share the health benefits of massage with her clients.

Lena graduated from the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy in Albany, NY in 2011. She earned her certification in Thai Yoga Bodywork in 2010. In 2015, she completed continuing education courses for medical hip and thigh massage, orthopedic techniques for the cervical neck, and thai massage for the table.

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26 comments on “Massage Therapist Profiles

  1. L.J SMITH says:

    i wanted to make a massage appointment. would i be able to get a massage being draped by a towel insted of a sheet?i get over heated under a sheet

  2. Hi L.J yes we can use a towel or a pillow case for draping instead of a sheet.

  3. I fly into Albany tomorrow are you close to the airport? I am not familiar with Albany, Also I love massages but do not liked to be draped I enjoy the freedom of the massage can this happen?

  4. We are about 10 miles or 20 minutes from the airport. Draping is required during the massage, however, you may opt for a pillow case or towel instead of a full sheet.

  5. Thanks for getting me in the same day. Feels like a million bucks this morning. No headache, aches or pain. See you soon.

  6. Thanks Casper, see you soon 🙂

  7. Shawn O'Connor says:

    Last night I had the most amazing massage from Lena…it was fantastic. So much so, that I am going to go ahead and book another appointment for a couple weeks from now. I may splurge and go for the 4 handed…sounds like heaven!!!

  8. I’m so glad you enjoyed the massage, Shawn! Thanks for posting. I’ll see you in a couple weeks. 🙂

  9. Shawn O'Connor says:

    Well after seeing Lena the first time, I decided to try the 4-Handed massage. I think it may have ruined standard massages for me…it was fantastic!!! Lena has a smooth relaxing stroke while Kristina had a deeper penetrating stroke where she used a lot of her elbows. The combination of the two was amazing. I just booked another appointment with Lena for next week…we’ll see if the standard massage holds up for me. I finally think I have found my favorite massage therapists. I would get a massage here every day if I had the time and money…so I guess I am glad it is an hour away as that will tone down my apparent addiction. I would be bankrupt in like 6 months if they were closer. Thanks to both of you for a fantastic massage!!!

  10. Thanks for the glowing review, Shawn! I’ll see you tomorrow for another 4 hands massage!

  11. I’m about to purchase a hot stone massage from your business and would prefer a woman as my therapist.

    Can you assure me of that?


  12. Yes, you can select your preferred therapist when scheduling online or request an appointment with a female therapist by emailing or calling 518-331-3127

  13. Just had my first massage with Lena and it was wonderful. I plan on getting the 90 minute package in two weeks when I’m due for another massage

  14. Hi Kevin, thank you so much for the review! I look forward to seeing you again. 🙂

  15. I have a hamstring tendon injury and would like to get a deep massage into that area. Any of your therapists specialize in sports injury massage? And can I use a grouping for it?

  16. Oops, sorry! The above was supposed to say
    Can I use a groupon for that type of massage!?

  17. Hi Chris, yes, all of our therapists are qualified to do deep tissue sports massage.

  18. Yes.

  19. If I purchase a groupon, do I still book the appointment online at full price and present the coupon at the appointment? Also, I have has many massages in the past, but I am not fond of deep tissue or hard pressure, which therapist would you recommend?

  20. Hi Toni, you can book online and bring the groupon with you to the appointment. Any of our therapists would be able to provide light pressure, but I would especially recommend Sarah. Be sure to mention that you don’t want hard pressure and ask for any adjustments to the pressure as needed during the massage. Enjoy!

  21. I was just wondering what your hours?

  22. Hi Nick, we are open by appointment Monday-Saturday. The schedule varies depending on who is working that day and what openings they have. You can view all openings online before making an appointment. Click “Schedule Appointment” and the “Book Now” button. Thanks.

  23. Do the massage therapists have pics?

  24. Hi Dave, sorry we don’t post pics of the therapists for privacy reasons.

  25. I was hoping to schedule an appointment for Saturday the 18th but no therapists are listed for that time, a description of Kelli and her hours would be helpful or if Kristina happened to be available.

  26. Hi Ezra, thank you for contacting us. Sorry we did not have anymore openings on the 18th. Feel free to reply to the email I sent you or check online for availability. I will update Kelli’s profile soon. 🙂

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